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For Help or Information please call 817-710-1319 or email performingarts@lccs.org. For Season Tickets scroll down. 

Event/Item Date Time
Cinderella Kids02/08/20197:00pm
Cinderella Kids02/09/20192:00pm
Cinderella Kids02/09/20197:00pm
Three Musketeers02/28/20197:00pm
Three Musketeers03/01/20197:00pm
Three Musketeers03/02/20192:00pm
Three Musketeers03/02/20197:00pm
Alice in Wonderland Jr.04/04/20197:00pm
Alice in Wonderland Jr.04/05/20192:00pm
Alice in Wonderland Jr.04/05/20197:00pm
Alice in Wonderland Jr.04/06/20192:00pm
Nights of Dance05/02/20197:00pm
Nights of Dance05/03/20197:00pm
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