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    Sparkle Theatricals is proud to present the world premiere of HEIST, a new, devised theatre piece about the secrets we keep and the stories we tell.

     Steal your Past. Join us for a magical journey between the bright glare of reality and the soft glimmer of a daydream. 


    Created by the Ensemble. Directed by Neal Beckman. Starring Joann Oudekerk.


    Please select your date and show time below. HEIST runs approximately 50 minutes.

    Lighting and strobe effects may be used during the performance.


    Performances will be held at the Off-Leash Art Box

    4200 E. 54th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55417

    Event/Item Date Time
    HEIST - PREVIEWOct 24, 20188:00pm
    HEIST - OPENING NIGHTOct 25, 20186:30pm
    HEIST - OPENING NIGHTOct 25, 20188:00pm
    HEISTOct 26, 20186:30pm
    HEISTOct 26, 20188:00pm
    HEISTOct 27, 20186:30pm
    HEISTOct 27, 20188:00pm
    HEISTOct 28, 20186:30pm
    HEISTOct 29, 20186:30pm
    HEIST - HALLOWEENOct 31, 20186:30pm
    HEIST - HALLOWEENOct 31, 20188:00pm
    HEISTNov 01, 20186:30pm
    HEISTNov 01, 20188:00pm
    HEISTNov 02, 20186:30pm
    HEISTNov 02, 20188:00pm
    HEIST - CLOSING NIGHTNov 03, 20186:30pm
    HEIST - CLOSING NIGHTNov 03, 20188:00pm
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